Friday, September 4, 2009

Tarot Mystery School - TRANSMITTER OF LIGHT for 9/4/09

Card for 9/4/09:


Deck Creators:
Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori

Traditional Tarot Equivalent

The Page of Wands

MoonCoach Phase for today:
Full Moon

MoonCoach Sign for today:

Silvia Pancaro's interpretation and suggestion for the day:
Today... we can connect with our 'Transmitter of Light' referred to in the traditional deck as the Page of Wands. In the suit of Fire, as we know from The Elements of Alchemy, we work with creativity, passion and the Spark of Divine Inspiration. The 'Server of Wands' therefore invites us to play the role, in our life/world, as a creative being in CONSCIOUS service to the Divine. If you are familiar with the Rider-Waite deck, you will recall the image of a young page, standing in the Egyptian dessert, holding his/her Staff of Power, in front of the Great Pyramids, revealing the Page's Initiatory Journey into the Mysteries of Creation. In this deck, we see a Fire Being, joyously expressing vitality and color, and taking in the Radiance of a White Sun (=the Spiritual Sun). So, we are invited today to bask in the Wisdom of our Inner Source - listen to the teachings of our Inner Spiritual Sun, align our limited Human Consciousness with our Divine Vibrational Core Essence. In other words, stand in your power as a Creative Expression of Divine Wisdom, and radiate this inherent Wisdom to all around you. BE A TRANSMITTER OF LIGHT! 

Ideally, today with this card's energetic opportunity, combined with the Full Moon in Pisces, we will recharge our Selves with the Core Energy found in our Connection with Source. Said another way, we can Re-Source our batteries today, by downloading the Light of the Pisces Full Moon. A Full Moon is literally the most beautiful display of the Sacred Relationship between The Moon, The Sun and The Earth! The Moon is reflecting the Light and Brilliance of the Sun upon the Earth - clearly manifesting His Divine Seed Intent as revealed by the correlating prior New Moon. In this case, today we 'manifest' the Seed planted at the Leo New Moon just 2 weeks ago. What was your focus and goal at that time? If you have been working with the unique program I developed called Moon Coaching, you have been consciously working the energy of these two Celestial Luminaries (if not, be sure to check it out at Remember that the theme for this Lunar Moonth has been and continues to be: Leo - Divine Radiance, SHINING from the very CORE (HEART/CENTER) of your BE~ing! 

With that having been the New Moon focus/seed/Intent, today and this weekend as we bask in the Radiance of the Full Moon, we will experience the Piscean theme of One~ness, Comm~Union with the Divine, a Return Home, a sense of deep Compassion for ourSelves stemming from the recognition that we are Divine Children of the Mother-Father God/Cosmic Source. Aaaaahhhhh. Breathe that in folks! Re-Member your Truth! Re-Member your Divine DNA! Re-Member your Soul/Sole Source is the Radiance of the Inner Spiritual Sun. YES! You are a Transmitter of Light, and today we celebrate the Fullness of Creation in recognition of our True Lineage! WE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Pisces teaches us Forgiveness (Radical, that is!) and Compassion for the plight of Humanity in its forgive the momentary lapses in Human History...and we can transcend into an en-Light-end Human Consciousness. Key Pisces Word: BELIEVE!!!!

As an Initiate of Fire and the Great Mysteries, go out into your World today, and transmit the Light of Love, of Wisdom - be an example by radiating your connection to/with Source! Teach by example! Remember that we are all 'servers' no matter what we 'do' for a living; we are in service to something, someone. Make sure that you are consciously aligned with a Greater Source than just your human boss (although s/he too is a Child of the Uni~Verse, so APPRECIATE them). When we are 'in service' to others, and we do so from a place of Deep Connection to Spirit, we are making our actions Sacred (the original meaning of the word 'Sacrifice'). Do everything today, in recognition of our invisible connecting threads - LIGHT THREADS that is - as one Universal Family, Sourced from the same Light.


Divinatory Meaning from The Tarot of Transformation book:
"The Server cards are about helping. This card is a reminder that we not only assist each other physically, emotionally, and mentally, but we can also assist each other spiritually. This is primarily a matter of the consciousness we cultivate. By being in our own light, we can support other's light and help raise the overall vibration; it is, thus, a way of ministering to the planet. Just as the butterfly goes from flower to flower spreading pollen, we collect and spread energy during each interaction we experience in a day. This may be grumpy energy, frustrated energy, light and happy energy, or the energy of generosity or kindness. This card invites you to become more aware of your energy fields and what you spread around. It represents taking responsibility for broadcasting energy that you think will be helpful and containing or neutralizing energy tha may have a more poisonous effect. You can reinforce the positive energy of others by mirrororing it, and you can help neutralize their negativity by holding it with such spaciousness and compassion that the energy can let go.

In the picture, a butterfly fairy (or deva) looks very radiant and expansive. She, like all of nature, is letting her essence shine. The water in the foreground represents the purifying capacity of those who can consciously transform consciousness. Devas are great reminders of the interconnectedness of life. Alhtough they inform the world of form, they are not limited to it, but operate from a more collective consciousness. Wihtin this larger sea of consciousness, everything you say, do or feel has an effect, whether cutting off others in traffic or bringing a smile to the face of someone helping you. The butterfly fairy encouragesg you to bring a light and loving energy to the world by bringin this energy into your everyday interactions and life.

When you draw or are drawn to this card, it is a good time to become more conscious of the energy and consciousness you are transmitting. This is difficult to do if you are caught in the inner whirlwind of your thoughts and feelings. You need to keep some of your awareness free in order to take in a larger field. One practice that can help with this is to visualize yourself as a radiant body of light. See and feel the light extending beyond your physical outlines and touching everyone you come in contact with. Notice how your energy affects others. Using this visualization over a period of time can increase your awareness and amplify your energy field. You, too, can become a transmitter of light."

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Silvia's interpretation:
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