Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tarot Card of the Day - STRENGTH for 9/8/09

Card for 9/8/09:

The Gilded Tarot

Deck Creators:
Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore

Traditional Tarot Equivalent:


MoonCoach Phase for today:
Disseminating Moon

MoonCoach Sign for today:

Silvia Pancaro's interpretation and suggestion for the day:
Today we can connect with our Inner 'STRENGTH' the 8th Major Arcana card. Whenever we pull a Major Arcana card, we must pay special attention, as it is an important Portal into deeper self-revelation. So, today, we are invited to really feel into the true Source of our Strength, and to walk side by side with this vast reservoir of personal power. Notice in the card, that the Lion appears tame, and walks by the side of the Heroine. He is not pulling her nor is she pulling him. A Lion is capable of taking over a human if we have not created a proper relationship with it. The Lion represents our 'animal nature' and that includes all the survival instincts, which can include some of the more if-y emotions such as fear, control, unhealthy ego drives, and physical desires which are compelled by our less evolved nature. (Disclaimer: I am not saying animals are lesser than humans! The above is a metaphor, and from an esoteric standpoint there is a hierarchy of evolutionary consciousness, which although it implies humans are 'better' than animals, it does NOT mean that...just go with the flow of metaphor - the human mind does have the power of choice of INSTINCT, which is the animal nature, which is found in animals AND humans.).

So, the message here is to be aware of your instinctual nature, the good parts of it, and those qualities that might throw you off-center. This card correlates to the Zodiacal Sign LEO, the Lion, who is ruled by The SUN - the very Center of our Solar System, as well as being our Soul(ar) Purpose. My sense is that today we have the opportunity through this card, to ask some deep questions about what un-integrated ego-centric drives throw us off-Center, and away from our Soul(ar) Purpose? 

In truth, our instincts can serve us greatly in the development our of our Purpose...when we are aware of our temptations (which we learned in the Devil card), we can in fact create a more adequate relationship with them, where we can say we mastered them, by not giving in to them and instead choose to revel in them at appropriate times. We all need the (HEALTHY) pleasure and joy that chocolate or sex or travel or whatever gives us! It's all about moderation, timing and the intelligent use of those things. The important thing is to utilize everything, in service to our Soul(ar) Purpose. In our Astrological Charts, I teach my students, that although the Sun may fuel the rest of the planets (physically and metaphorically), all the planets are IN SERVICE TO the Sun. It is central to our Solar System, as well as to our Life Purpose. If we choose to believe that our Mars or Venus or Ascendant, for example, are our Purpose or Intent for this Lifetime, we are doing a great dis-service to our True Purpose: We are no longer in alignment with our Vibrational Core Essence. So, this card, today, is an invitation to ask ourselves just how truly connected and aligned with our Vibrational Core Essence we are.

The Lion represents our Power, Vitality, and Strength. Leo and the Sun, from an astrological perspective, 'rule' the Heart in our body. How true to your Heart are you being? Are you open to receiving the Flame of Divine Fire from your Heart/Core? Do you have a healthy relationship between your instincts and your personal will? The Sun also indicates Divine Will, so how aligned are you and your personal will, with the Divine Will? This card implies Trust, Love and Power in that Sacred Relationship, so choose today to play with these energies.

The Moon is now in her Disseminating Phase, and has moved into Taurus (the 2nd Zodiacal sign). We can share the fruits of our labors now - that which we have worked on from New Moon to Full Moon, can be harvested and shared with your community. In my Moon Coaching program, we work on a specific goal/intent, based on the 8 Lunar Phases (that's right, there are 8, not 4). So, if you have my MoonCoach Inter~Active Vision~ing Playbook for this Zodiacal Year, be sure to journal on the Disseminating Phase page for this Leo Lunar Month. For everyone else, just think about how you can share with others the wisdom you have gained through various experiences in your life in the past couple of weeks. Surely, you've dealt with creative self-expression (Leo/Sun) in the past 14 or so days...consider what you've learned and make sure you connect with your allies, friends and families about these experiences and learnings. With the Moon in Taurus today, we would add that something of these learnings add VALUE to your life, and to your community. More at

Divinatory Meaning from The Gilded Tarot book:
"A woman with a great sense of purpose walks side by side with a lion. There is a chain wrapped loosely around the lion's neck and held just as loosely in the woman's hand. The lion is the woman's animal instincts. These instincts neither lead her nor are they dragged along behind her. They are there, a reserve of strength, power and courage, for whenever she should have need of them. The message of Strength reminds you that you have more strength, power and courage than you realize. Learn to live easily with these gifts and use them when appropriate. Be aware of two extremes. Do not let your strength or baser desires control you. Conversely, do not deny your own power."

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Silvia's interpretation:
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